Rosa Wellbeing enhances all aspects of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through Nutritional Therapy and is passionate about treating the whole person. The Limerick-based company aims to provide a professional, friendly service to all members and ages of the community.

The aim of Rosa Wellbeing is to support and empower clients in healthy lifestyle behaviours such as stress management, proper eating habits, exercise and the use of nutritional supplements. This objective enables optimisation of the patient’s health and promotes wellbeing and vitality into old age.

Rosa Wellbeing takes a holistic, individualistic approach to nutrition. This mind-body approach serves to effectively establish the root cause of a condition as opposed to simply treating the symptoms presented in an isolated manner.

Rosa Wellbeing’s special interests include Women’s health, stress management, weight management, and digestive health.

Please contact Anne Marie on 087-9473765 or at for more information on services or to make an appointment at the Rosa Wellbeing practice.