Feel Good

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Feel good essential oils!

Aromatherapy literally means  ‘treatment using scents’ . Essential oils are extracted from  aromatic essences of certain trees,fruit,flower,herbs and spices.I just love essential oils, they enter the body by inhalation and absorption … read more >

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10 steps to Superman health!

1 Eat less fatty meat and more fish(esp oily) and good sources of vegetable proteins(mixed beans , lentils , hummus , organic baked beans , kidney beans , quinoa) and … read more >

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Feel good Nutrients for feeling in the mood!

Zinc is a vital mineral, especially for valentines…even our sense of smell is dependent  on this mineral…so if you have poor sense of smell you may be lacking in this trace mineral. Food … read more >

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Have fun while being healthy!

It’s possible to enjoy yourself,while still being healthy by following some handy tips-if consuming alcohol ,always make sure it’s on a full stomach and order a glass of water at … read more >

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Feeling good for the party season!

Start the day positively and have a healthy breakfast-aim to always have a combination of quality protein and  carb e.g. boiled/poached/scrambled egg with wholemeal spelt/rye bread with herbal tea/warm water with lemon. … read more >

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Importance of Vitamin D,our Sunshine Vitamin!

My advice is when you see the sun shine,especially now as we have said hello to our friend winter,go outside and expose your skin to ensure you are getting your … read more >

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Think positive.

Thinking positive is a habit,and a very good one to develop.It keeps you motivated,happy and energised.It is natural to sometimes be sad,angry or fearful.Don’t deny these feelings,when someone asks you … read more >

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Balance is the key.

Achieving life balance is one of the cornerstones of stress reduction.Aim to spend less time in stress causing situations and more time on exercise and relaxation-activities that reset your fight or … read more >

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Exercising Control

Exercise is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety and tension. It allows one to do exactly what the fight-or-flight response has prepared one for: physical exertion. This neutralises … read more >

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Laugh a Lot

It has been shown that if we can smile and laugh even when we may not feel like it, the body releases feel-good chemicals that can bring about a positive … read more >